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Ad wordt gebeld door Sofia die een tijdje terug een filmpje heeft gemaakt.

Haar vriendin heeft het uitgemaakt omdat ze het filmpje op internet heeft gezien.

Yes getting a job is difficult for some people but the little he gets from par time jobs is supposed to help the family somehow. I suggest you sit down with him and try to lay out some facts.Tell him how his being irresponsible is ruining the family and how it makes you feel. If he still doesn't change get a family member to talk to him and if it doesn't work I suggest you both go for counselling.-------I have a boyfrend tht i love so much i have a child also from a previous relationship ma boyfrend doesnt have a child at all ...n ma baby s family are well up and they want him with them all e tym ...i dn have a prob w that ...i lov ma boyfrend buh ma problem is he told me he doesnt want ma baby he just wants me is t a good thing fo him tu say ..m confused does t make him a good person o wat i don have a prob w ma kid n i wasnt going tu push him tu look after him cz ma child has his family tht loves him so muchh buh is ths a good guy doesnt this make him seem heartless i dn want to b in a relationship w a wrong person again plzzz helpp.....i wl appreciate I believe when someone loves you, they should love you with the whole package. Its not fair for him to go through your phone and not allow you to do the same.would create a commercial like the one displayed above, a spot in which a Middle Eastern speaker delivers anti-Israel rhetoric, whipping up a crowd into chanting “Death to Israel!” over and ostensibly, to promote the virtues of Honda’s hybrid automobiles with the tagline: “LESS FUEL. SWITCH TO A HYBRID CAR.” Like some of the other questionable commercials discussed in this section of our web site, the named company had nothing to do with the creation of this ad; it’s merely a prank concocted by someone unconnected with Honda.

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